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We love the City of Glasgow, full of history, fantastic shopping districts and beautiful landmarks. Did you know, Glasgow is the largest urban city within Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom. Based on the River Clyde in Scotland's 'West Central Lowlands', the region is famously throughout the world. From the industrial revolution which grew the population and economy of the city to the famous Glaswegian accent, it's certainly an ideal place to live, work and visit!

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Today the city has around 600,000 people, with a further 1.8 million people living in the wider metropolitan area. This actually accounts for 30% of Scotland's overall population! Interestingly unlike other major UK cities and Towns, Glasgow is based on a 'grid system', to the south and west of the city, you'll find the heart of the shopping districts. This includes places such as Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street. The centre of the city is also home to the majority of Scotland's cultural venues, including the Theatre Royal, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Tron Theatre, Pavilion Theatre, the King's Theatre, Gallery of Modern Art and many more!